Race Recap: 2017 Wine and Dine Half Marathon

8:27 PM

I'm finally a runDisney Coast to Coast Challenge finisher!

Back in January, I ran the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon in Disneyland. If I were to run a half marathon in Walt Disney World in the same calendar year of 2017, I would get my Coast to Coast medal. This is something I've always wanted to do, but always found a reason not to.

Running these runDisney races is expensive and takes a time commitment. From training to travel to choosing your running outfit, the planning involved is endless. Not to mention, you have to register VERY far in advance! I hardly know what I'm eating for dinner at night let alone if I'll be able to run 13.1 miles 7 months from now across the country.

But I made it a point to make it happen because it is a goal I've had for a very long time. I am SO happy I did it! I'd never run the Wine and Dine Half before, though I've enjoyed the festival in Epcot, so it was a whole new race for me. Luckily, I was able to run it with my friend Sam who also ran the Star Wars half in Disneyland with me, which made it even more special.

We got up nice and early the morning of the race and the minute I walked out the door at 3:45am, I knew it was going to be HUMID. You could feel the thickness of vapor in the air - not the best conditions for running - but there was no way around it. We got on the bus and headed to the start line where the pre-race fun at already started. The DJ was playing music and people in their running outfits looked amazing. I love seeing all the different costumes!

After making our way to our corrals, the races began with Mickey and Minnie setting off the first fireworks that marked the start of the run. When it was finally our turn, we set off towards Animal Kingdom. Races at WDW end up happening mostly on the backroads between the parks. This race took us through Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and finished up in Epcot.

There were plenty of amazing photo ops and I had a blast running it despite some knee pain and general exhaustion. Note to self: don't plan to run a half marathon after 5 non-stop Disney Park days. Still, I made it through and got some great pictures out of it! Yes, it was humid the entire time and I don't think I have ever been SO sweaty during a run in my life, but it was also overcast which was perfect.

I absolutely love running through the Disney parks. Even though the races start super early, but the time the later corals run through, park goers are out. But that can make it even more fun! Empty parks have a certain quiet magic about them, and there are always cast members there to cheer you on. Once vacationers are in the parks, it adds even greater numbers to the fans giving you the encouragement to keep going.

At the end of it all, I crossed the finish line and received my Coast to Coast medal. I am so happy I decided to just go for it this year, as all 2018 Disneyland races have been cancelled. Just another reason why you should never put off your dreams!!!!


My Disney Park Makeup Picks

2:00 AM

Happy Makeup Monday!

When I went to Walt Disney World for a quick 32 hours in June (read about that trip here), I knew I needed a makeup routine that would get me out of the hotel and right to the parks in the morning, but would last for the whole day... even through hot and humid Florida weather. I always want to look good in the parks, but I also don't want to spend an hour getting ready. My mornings are usually early, so I shower at night, and in the morning I just want to quickly put a few products on my face and get to the magical express.

As a matter of fact, this is a great every day makeup routine! The products I use are cruelty-free, which is an absolute necessity for me. If you're wondering if the makeup you are using tests on animals, like rabbits and even beagles, check out the Cruelty Cutter App or use the Leaping Bunny website.

tarte BB tinted treatment 12-hour primer SPF 30
Every Princess knows how important it is to moisturize and protect your skin from the sun. If you're wearing a hat, you're protected, but if you have on Mickey ears you'll need SPF! Tarte's BB primer takes care of EVERYTHING for you. Not only does it moisturize and protect your skin from the sun, but it acts as a primer to ensure your face is looking flawless. It is a light coverage, so in the hot and humid weather you won't feel like your skin is suffocating. Plus, if you have freckles like me, they will still show and your face won't look cakey. Put this on first!

tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

After you are primed and moisturized, add a little coverage as needed. I have dark circles under my eyes always and this concealer is one of the best I've found. All you need is a tiny bit! I dab it right under my eyes and also on my lids to act as a primer for my shadow and liner. It gives me a great base! If you have any other blemishes you'd like to cover up, dab it on those spots as well. 

tarte Park Ave Princess Contour Palette
Next, this bronzer, blush, and highlighter palette adds the perfect color to your skin. This pink blush is a great shade for many different complexions and the highlighter adds just the right touch of pixie sparkle to your skin.

Neutral Eyeshadow
I use a neutral eye shadow for my park makeup. This was a palette I got in a gift set, but tarte has so many awesome options like this one and this one! I use a little sparkle in the inner corners of my eyes and the matte shades on the rest. I go for the neutral shades for park days because it is easiest if I'm switching outfits!

Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner
I'm obsessed with this stuff. I have it in brown, black, and rose gold. Once it is on, it stays! You can go dramatic or natural, depending on how you apply it. This brush, the Etch & Sketch Double-Ended Bamboo Liner Brush, is the key to amazing eye liner. The bent end helps you make the perfect wing - I promise! I always used to have trouble with a cat-eye look, but this brush has helped me tremendously.

Lights, Camera, Lashes!
I've been using this tarte mascara for years, and this travel kit is the perfect way to bring it with me on trips. The eyelash curler is amazing and this mascara will last you from morning til night. Plus, it gives you dramatic, thick lashes in just a few strokes!

Almost done! Put your brows in place with some tinted brow gel and give a few sprays with a setting spray. I love this one from Urban Decay. Add your favorite lip, whether it be a moisturizing balm or full on glam color, and get to the parks!!!

So, that's it! Are there any specific products you use while in the parks??? Let me know!



Cath Kidston Peter Pan Collection - My Picks

6:30 AM

Get ready for a big sprinklin' of Pixie Dust!

Holy moly is the Cath Kidston Peter Pan Collection magical or what?

I am (sadly) currently on a budget so I won't be making any purchases, but if I could, here are the items I would invest in. (all images are from www.cathkidston.com)

Home & Office


Bring the magic of Peter Pan's London to your kitchen with these adorable oven gloves! I would be baking extra cookies every day if it meant I was able to put these cuties to work. I love the detail of the print - even the double decker bus has the Cath Kidston logo on it!


This is the perfect container for snack time... even if you're an adult! The two sections make it easy to pack apple slices and peanut butter, carrots and hummus, or any other delightful snack combo you can think of. Plus, Tink looks adorable in some of her best poses!


I wouldn't mind taking notes at work with this adorable Tink patterned pen and notebook. On the pen, the simple floral pattern wouldn't look out of place, even in a corporate meeting. The notebook may stand out a bit more, but I would love to add a little Tink pixie dust to my work day!


This may be one of the most magical phone cases I have ever seen!



Again, I just adore the London pattern that was created for this collection. From the color palette to the details of the print, there is so much magic in this dress. Another bonus is that it is in one of my favorite dress styles that looks flattering on just about everyone! To no surprise, this style is almost sold out!


I am just loving the way Tink pops on the navy of this dress. The style could be appropriate for a casual business office environment or at the farmer's market on Sunday. I could so see myself wearing my Danielle Nicole Handbags Tink bag with this dress for the perfect pixie look.



I've actually been in the market for a new, small wallet and this could fit the bill. It looks extremely well made and roomy, and the Tink pattern is just too adorable!


Everything about this bag is perfect. The pattern, the size, and the price. It even comes with an additional pouch that it can be folded into when it is not in use. GENIUS!


I love that none of these accessories use leather. This Tink Floral Print is just so versatile, and the bag seems to be a perfect crossbody size.



Okay... I don't have kids. But if I had a daughter, I would definitely buy her this adorable skirt!!!!! Actually, I wish it came in my size.


So this is a kids backpack but honestly? The small backpack accessory is so in right now and the details on this, even the interior lining, are just too perfect. I would so get this and wear it myself!

So... did you snag anything from the Cath Kidston Peter Pan collection? I want to know!!! 


Disney Food Review: Eating Vegetarian at Epcot's Tangierine Café

6:30 AM

Eating vegetarian in Walt Disney World is surprisingly easy. Whether you're looking to grab a quick snack or sit for a meal, there are plenty of options to keep those with meat-free diets (myself included) well fed!

One in particular that I eat every time I visit is the Vegetarian Platter at Epcot's Tangierine Café. Located in the Morocco Pavilion, Tangierine Café is a quick service location serving delicious Mediterranean eats.

Their menu has a variety of options, from shawarma platters with meats, pastries and specialty coffee drinks, and even chicken nuggets or a hamburgers if you need something for picky kids.

Image from Disney World Dining Website

However, the reason I continuously visit Tangierine Café is for their Vegetarian Platter. The menu lists this meal as "Vegetarian Platter served with Tangierine Couscous Salad, Hummus and Tabouleh" for $12.99.

What you get:

  • Falafel
  • Hummus
  • Pita (warm and soft!)
  • Marinated Olives
  • Couscous Salad
  • Lentil Salad
  • Tabouleh

Everything about this meal is fresh and flavorful. After stuffing myself with sugary churros, Dole Whips, Mickey Waffles and Mickey Pretzels, it is great to have a meal brimming with colorful veggies and Mediterranean taste. I always pair it with the Moroccan beer and I am never disappointed. I'm a huge falafel fan, and they make theirs to crisp perfection every time.

Once you're full of delectable Tangierine Café fare, explore the beautiful Morocco Pavilion. You'll find enchanting hidden corners filled with treasures including... air conditioning!!! Seriously, it is one of the most underrated pavilions in Epcot.

Have you eaten at Tangierine Café? What was your experience? I'd love to hear from you!


Gingham Pom Pom Dress: Styling for Fall

4:00 AM

Don't you hate when you can no longer wear your summer clothes?

Now that we're into mid-September, the cooler temps are making it harder and harder for me to wear my favorite attire - dresses!

I'd gotten a few dresses before I went on vacation, but I didn't get a chance to wear them all. Even so, I know with the right additions I can wear all my summer favorites right through fall!

The hubs and I went out for a late lunch on Saturday, so I was able to put a few of my favorite strategies to work. I took the black and white gingham dress I snagged from ASOS (check out those fun Pom Poms!) and added simple black leggings, a faux leather jacket from Target, and high top Converse. I also added my Danielle Nicole Disney bag for some Disneystyle!

Leggings are my favorite way to wear dresses through the changing weather. I usually grab a few pairs in black, blue, and gray at the beginning of each season. Old Navy and Target have great leggings for a bargain. I've found the Old Navy to be a bit see through, so just make sure you are wearing a dress or top that falls well below your bum!

A light jacket is a fall staple of mine. This faux leather jacket from Target adds a little bit of edge to any outfit, in addition to keeping me warm when the cool fall breeze blows.

I also brought my Matt & Nat bag along. They are an ethical company who does not use any animal material. In fact, the inside material of my bag is made from recycled plastic bottles! I have a simple black bag, but they have a variety of great colors and styles. My bag was bought on sale at Nordstrom!

Brian and I decided to eat at Tokyo Sushi in Easton, PA. It was our first time there. To be honest, I've been looking for a "go-to" sushi place since I moved into this area almost two years ago, but there were none nearby. Last week, during date night, we walked by Tokyo Sushi which opened about 6 months ago. So today, we finally decided to try it. Everything we had was delicious and beautiful - even the green tea bubble tea! The restaurant itself inside was awesome - the old architecture was a pleasure to look at while dining. I am SO excited to finally have a sushi spot near our house! Afterwards, we went over to Bank Street Creamery for ice cream cones. You know what I love about ice cream in cooler weather? It doesn't melt all over you while you're eating!

What are some of your fall fashion staples? Do you switch your summer wardrobe out completely once it gets cooler, or try to make those pieces work all fall and winter long? Let me know!