Adventure Is Out There

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One of my favorite phrases is, "Adventure is out there."

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Monterosso, Italy (Cinque Terra) - May 2014

Automatically, you may think of traveling; seeing the world, journeying to far off lands and exotic climates, climbing the highest altitudes or swimming beneath crystal clear waters.

Epcot, Disney World - September 2012

Yes, adventure can mean all those things! But it doesn't have to. Whether it is a 10 minute car ride, an 8 hour flight, or an evening in your own backyard, living life as an adventure is an easy way to bring magic and happiness to your every day.

New York City - January 2011

The above photo was taken on a day where things just hadn't gone to plan. Brian and I were heading  into the city that day, as it was the 2 year anniversary of our first date. However, that morning, a series of unfortunate events occurred. We questioned if we should still take our city trip and decided not to let the negatives of life get in the way of making some memories. 

While waiting for the train into the city, an older gentleman struck up a conversation with us. While I don't remember the specifics, I do remember him telling us that he felt we were made for each other and he thought we'd have a long and happy life together. Odd words coming from a stranger, but little did he know that is just what we needed to hear. We rode into the city and had a great time wandering around in the twilight. We ate at an Irish pub, walked by the Bryant Park ice skating rink, and visited the M&M store.

Brian and I have both been to New York City numerous times. Being from NJ, we can sometimes take for granted this major city it is only a quick train, bus, ferry, or car drive away. It wasn't a particularly fancy or expensive getaway, but it was just what we needed. Sometimes the simplest adventures are the ones that end up meaning the most.

As the blog progresses, I hope to share more future adventures with you, both big and small, as well as reflect on some of the best experiences and trips I've been lucky enough to go on in my own life!

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