A Coffee Conundrum

6:00 AM

In a busy life with a full schedule, it is easy to look for easy solutions to problems. Paper plates vs. real ones so you don't have to do dishes. Plastic bags that you can toss instead of cleaning tupperware daily. K-Cups for on the go coffee.

The world today is filled with shortcuts that meet the expectations of the "I want it, and I want it now" attitude of society. But at what cost?

In March 2015, The Atlantic posted an article with the creator of K-Cups John Sylvan which states: "Looking back on his invention, amid increasing public condemnation of K-Cups as a scourge on the planet, Sylvan told me, “I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it.”".

True enough, there are plenty of competitors out there who have created biodegradable options for pod machines. However, it still kills me in the grocery store each week to purchase an $8-$12 box of coffee pods. I needed a solution to this problem that had been bugging me, which would help me feel better about my impact on the Earth and on my bank account.

I'm up by 5:30AM on weekdays to ensure my pups each get a nice walk in, which means I need my caffeine jolt STAT. I love to take a minute with my cup of coffee and some almond milk each morning, taking a few quiet moments to myself before the day truly begins.

I'd heard and seen about reusable pods and decided to finally purchase one myself. It doesn't add much additional time to my morning routine and makes me feel a little bit better about having an extra cup if I'm feeling a bit sluggish!

With all the craziness in our world surrounding pollution and our impact on the environment, it is small steps like this that personally make me feel a little more at ease about my impact. There are plenty of other things I can do, but as of this moment I am glad I'm taking a small step with my daily coffee to limit the amount of trash I create.

As a perk, I'm also saving money! A $10 box of 12-16 K-Cups would last me 1-2 weeks, while a $6 canister of  ground coffee makes about 90 cups.

Now, to indulge in my magical cup of caffeine :D