Alli's Top 4 Favorite Disney Treats

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In a few weeks, I'll be spending two glorious days and 1 magical night in Walt Disney World. Over the past year and a half, I've been lucky enough to visit the Disneyland and California Adventure parks in Anaheim quite a few times. While those trips have been amazing, I have to say I can't wait to see some of my favorite WDW sights like Spaceship Earth in Epcot and Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom.

Another reason I always look forward to a Disney trip is... the food! So many treats, so little time is my motto. I'm a vegetarian but this doesn't hinder my choices in the least. In fact, there are quite a few amazing delicacies that are even vegan friendly! Plus, Disney ensures there are plenty of options for those who don't consume meat.

There are many foods I haven't gotten the chance to indulge in during my past trips. I have been doing some research for my upcoming trips, in June and also November, for food and drinks I need to find and experience for myself. However, there are also the treat staples that I just MUST have every time I visit a Disney Park, or my personal experience will not feel complete.

So, I want to share my top 4 favorite Disney treats with you!  I'm sure most Disney fans will be like - duh - this is nothing new to me. If that is the case, please enlighten me with your favorite treats! I really want to expand my taste buds on the next trip and would love some new things to try!

1. Dole Whip
Ah, the warm island breeze and sweet scent of pineapple. The Dole Whip is a Disney classic and fan favorite for park-hoppers from East Coast to West Coast. Basically, it is soft serve pineapple sorbet of sorts that you can get with or without pineapple juice.

Don't despair if the line is long - it is totally worth the wait, especially in the hot and humid weather that WDW tends to receive in Orlando. Also, this treat is VEGAN! And since one of the main ingredients is pineapple, it must be healthy (lol! sarcasm!).

While in California, I even learned there is a boozy option found at the Disneyland Hotel. Same great taste with a fun added bonus for those over 21 years of age.

Where to find it:
WDW - Magic Kingdom - Adventureland - Aloha Isle
WDW - Disney's Polynesian Resort - Captain Cook's
DLR - Disneyland - Adventureland - Tiki Juice Bar
DLR - Disneyland Hotel - The Coffee House

2. Churros
My face in this picture just says it all: HERE FOR THE CHURROS.

You may have eaten churros elsewhere in your life: town carnival, beach boardwalk, your very own kitchen from a box of frozen churros your mom bought at Costco. But please, believe me when I say there is no experience in the world like stuffing the cinnamony sugar goodness of a churro right into your churro-hole in the middle of the most magical place on Earth.

Where to find it: Carts all over the parks!

3. Vegetarian Platter - Morocco Pavilion in Epcot
One of the most underrated pavilions in Epcot has to be Morocco. From the colorful scenery to the delicious foods, it is a wonder to me how it is always so empty when I visit. But i'm not complaining! This just means the line to get to one of my favorite treats, the vegetarian platter from Tangierine Café, will be short and I can get to enjoying my food faster.

The platter consists of falafel, hummus, Tangierine couscous salad, tabbouleh salad, lentils, and marinated olives with fresh Moroccan bread. With all the sweet treats I indulge in during my park trips, it is refreshing to have a savory and salty meal. It goes especially well with the cold, Moroccan beer they serve. I implore you to expand your own horizons and share this vegetarian platter with a friend on your next Epcot world tour!

Where to find it:  Walt Disney World - Epcot - Morocco Pavillion - Tangierine Café (quick service) 

4. Mickey Waffles
Last, but certainly not least, are Mickey Waffles. Well, they say it all started with a mouse and I have to tell you the best way to start your park day with with a mouse shaped waffle.

Something about the fluffy ears and happy smile make this breakfast treat even more delicious than just a regular old waffle you can get anywhere, anytime. The nooks and crannies perfectly hold the sweet maple syrup and it honestly just tastes like Disney magic. Whether it is a few mini Mickeys or one big Mickey face, no Disney trip can be complete without a Mickey Waffle and that is just science.

Where to find it: Most restaurants with a breakfast buffet will have Mickey Waffles, like Chef Mickey's, but check their menu listings as some have other characters (still yummy!). Also, many resorts will have the giant mickey heads as a breakfast option.

Honorable Mentions
There are some treats that I also love that I have to make sure I mention. Mickey Shaped Pretzels, Mickey Shaped Rice Krispy Treats, cupcakes of every flavor and character, cheese empanadas from Mexico Pavilion, grapefruit beer from Germany Pavilion are also some of my favorites.

So, would these top your list of favorite treats? What else do you recommend? Let me know in the comments or tag me on Instagram or Facebook!

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