NYC Day Featuring Cinderella City Style

5:00 PM

On our 1 year wedding anniversary, Brian surprised me with tickets to see Book of Mormon in NYC! I love a good trip to the city, and living in New Jersey means we can experience the many adventures a city day can offer. From an unexpected great meal to random market street fairs, there is always a gem to discover.

Another thing I love about New York City is the fashion. I know the theater isn't an affair as glamorous and elegant as it once was, but I still find it an occasion to dress up!

When I spotted this adorable floral dress at Francesca's, I immediately envisioned a modern day Cinderella with NYC street savvy.

I paired it will a delicate gold choker (also from Francesca's), a faux leather jacket from Target, and my glitter Tom's that I wore as my dancing shoes the night of our wedding.

After taking the ferry into the city, we stumbled upon the Gotham West Market and decided to eat lunch there. This place had options galore! Sushi Burritos, Ramen, Mexican, even Ice Cream! - we were covered.

Most of the eateries had vegetarian options and it was hard to choose where we'd get our meal. We finally decided on Cannibal because of its interesting sandwich selection and an array of beers on tap!

We indulged in some apps including the best damn brussel sprouts I have ever experienced - they had capers, salsa verde, and pickled red onion. Of course, that yummy looking pretzel was also enjoyed.

To eat, I had the ANDY HAMPSTEN - a delicious cauliflower sandwich with roasted peppers, muffullata vinaigrette, and sharp provolone. Brian opted for a pressed chicken parm. All in all it was a fabulous choice to stop here for food. Even with the beers, the cost wasn't too high. We didn't have to wait on table service and it was the perfect quite bite before our show.

Once we were full, we went and laughed our asses off at Book of Mormon (seriously - go see it, like, now!)

Of course, I then had to drag Brian to the Disney Store in Times Square. It was completely crowded but I NEEDED to get a few souvenirs, including a tee (on sale!), a mug (Liberty Minnie!) and a pin (the big apple!).

All in all, I felt like a very lucky princess in my sparkly shoes out on a grand adventure with my very own prince charming. Magic can come in the littlest ways, even a quick trip to a nearby location. It is all about having the magic inside of you and sharing it with the people you love!

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